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How to become a fedex contractor

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FedEx Vehicle Consolidation and Refinancing Programs. This program allows FedEx Contractors the ability to combine multiple truck loans & leases from various sources into a single monthly payment, allowing contractors the ability to focus more on operating their route business and less on bookkeeping. FedEx Route Financing and Working Capital .... FedEx Ground Contractor Keasbey, NJ. Quick Apply. Pay. $91K to $135K Annually. Type. ... we have provided a list of qualifications a potential driver needs to become a FedEx Ground driver. Drivers must: Have professional driving experience within the last three years of their career or be currently enrolled in an entry-level driving course...

A FedEx employee sorts boxes on the sidewalk on November 21, 2019 in New York City. A key reason for ex-FedEx Ground contractor Spencer Patton's new association is the ability to contend that delivery providers are franchises. ... In any push to become classified as a franchisee, the three-prong test is an essential ingredient, legal experts.

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Step 2: Understand FedEx ISP requirements. Understand FedEx eligibility requirements (we have a chart that lays it out) Step 3: Find available FedEx routes. Best places to find routes for sale. Step 4: Evaluate FedEx route listings. How to conduct due diligence. Step 5: Contracting and financing. Review contracts.


FedEx is trimming Sunday delivery to US rural homes. Higher costs for fuel, trucks and driver pay have as many as 30% of those contractors losing money, according to an estimate from Deutsche Bank. But with prices rising and service levels falling, it's becoming increasingly difficult to justify using FedEx. Not only have prices gone up, but.

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